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Room Alterations for the Home You Already Love

There are many simple solutions for remodeling a room to match your lifestyle. Small rooms can become luxurious by simply removing a wall to create one large room. Many of us struggle with storage space.

With the help of one of our designers, you can create attractive storage solutions with the addition of built-in cabinetry or the addition of a closet. Suddenly a dull room becomes a library with the installation of bookshelves and computer storage areas.

Look at the space in your home and dream big. Many homes are broken up into small, cramped rooms. What you once considered an unusable space can become a living space. An attic can be converted into that much-needed extra bedroom or family room with the addition of dormer windows and raising the roof. Bumping out a wall 4’ or 5’ is a great way to gain additional space in your home. These are cost-effective ways to add comfort and value.

Convert Two Rooms into One Large Room
In many homes, there is often a room that is rarely used due to size or lack of easy traffic flow. By simply removing the wall that separates two small bedrooms your dreams for a sitting area or a luxurious master bath and walk-in closet can come true. With the installation of additional support within the ceiling, it is not necessary to place visible beams or poles in the room.


Attic Conversion

Is your family outgrowing your home? Do you wish you had a space of your own? Do you dream of a recreation room for the teenagers in your life? Look up. The attic can be the answer.

With the addition of flooring and windows, your dream becomes reality. Raising the roof may sound like an outrageous idea, but it is actually an easy way to create an additional story for your home.


Bump out a Wall
This term is used to describe adding four or five feet to a room by “bumping out” an exterior wall. It may not sound like much but that additional few feet can change a small living area into a comfortable and more usable space. This option can add the living space you and your family desire.


Floor-to-Ceiling Bay Window
The addition of a floor-to-ceiling bay window can change a room from dark and dull to grand and beautiful. Imagine your kitchen or living room with a new floor-to-ceiling bay window. Open up a few extra feet and pull in the natural light.

Window seats are inviting and comfortable, and they often include hidden storage. It seems all homeowners gradually seek additional storage for items used frequently. Add a bay window to a bathroom and what was once mildew storage is now a retreat!

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