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Kitchen Remodeling Projects

No other room has as many remodeling options as a kitchen. Need more space? How about we take out that wall and open it up into the dining area with a breakfast bar for casual seating. Is more storage what you are looking for? Well, let our guys walk you through the myriad of options available to better use the space available.

You don’t need more space and your storage is just fine, but you would really like a kitchen that doesn’t look like it was built back when Eddie Murphy was just starting out on Saturday Night Live? Well, as a fully qualified and trusted Kansas City kitchen remodeler, we will meet any needs you have in getting your kitchen remodeled.

Full Change Out
You get the most room to work with when you do a full kitchen change out. Our highly skilled workmen are ready to remove everything from the kitchen, all the way to the studs. They can go back with all new materials and products. This opens the entire space so it can be reconfigured into the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen Expansion
More times than not, the kitchen that was designed for the house originally just isn’t sufficient for the modern family. So many appliances, tools, and electronics that are part of our daily lives now, weren’t even thought up when most of the homes we live in were built.

Mr. Remodeler can show you how to expand your kitchen space and better use what’s available. We will do this by creating a space that meets the requirements of your family, and creating the look that works with your home.

Limited Kitchen Change Out
An additional option to a full change out for a kitchen is limiting the scope of the project, which will give you more freedom in your budget for cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and flooring. If there is no need to completely reconfigure the kitchen, then use available funds for what you really want to change.


Kitchen Update

Often you can get the feeling of having a new kitchen without spending nearly the actual cost of a new kitchen. If your budget is limited, but you would still like to have a new kitchen, try focusing on the cabinets, countertops, backsplash, fixtures, appliances, and flooring.

Kitchen Facelift
A kitchen facelift is a project where only the face frames of the cabinets are replaced, leaving the original boxes untouched. If there are finished end panels, we go over them with materials that match the new look of the cabinets. The countertop is removed along with the sink and faucet.

The wall above the countertop is only touched as needed to remove the old countertop and install the new one. A new countertop, sink, and faucet is installed

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