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Mr. Remodeler in Kansas City, MO

Mr. Remodeler is a locally owned company that has been serving area homeowners for over 50 years. Our base of loyal customers is the best testament to the quality of our work. Over the last 50 plus years, we have earned a reputation for quality work and professional, friendly employees. 


When my father started Mr. Remodeler, bell-bottoms were a new idea, John Wayne was about to win the Academy Award for “True Grit,” and “The Brady Bunch” premiered on ABC. In an industry where companies often don’t last a year, Mr. Remodeler has been depended on for generations.

My father always believed in living up to your responsibilities, doing right by people, and helping whomever you can. During the Christmas season of 1969, it was on his shoulders to keep a roof over the heads of his young family and food on their table. When the salesman for the company he worked for said, “I think I’m going to take some time off over the holidays. I’ll have something for you in January,” my father struck out on his own and started Mr. Remodeler.

We were living in a very modest apartment and had very little money. In fact, my mother still smiles when she talks about seeing my father walk down the sidewalk, toolbox on his shoulder, coming from the bus stop. Yes, that’s right, the bus stop. Early on, he would take the bus because he couldn’t afford a car. Our first car cost $50 and had manual wiper blades, “manual” as in two levers under the dash that my mom would operate when it was raining. This always brought a smile to my parents’ faces as well.

Although his goal was not to build a company that would last into the next century that is exactly what he did. He did it by hiring people who believed as strongly as he did in responsibility, doing the right thing, and helping others. Mr. Remodeler is made up of professionals who have been with the company for many years because we all believe in doing work we can stand behind.

We are here to continue the work that Dean started. Although his voice has faded from the radio stories he made famous, his offer still stands: “If there’s any remodeling or repairs we can do for you, gimme a call. Thanks.”

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