Bathroom Projects

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, you can be confident that Mr. Remodeler will take care of whatever problems you need solved. You know they will bring to life any design goals you have in mind.

Our highly skilled staff draws not only from their own knowledge and experience but from that of their coworkers as well. This means you will have a team working toward your goals and finding the right solution for you and your family.

Full Change Out
One of the most common jobs we do is tearing out an entire bathroom from the wallboard out and going back in with all new products. Tearing out the entire bathroom allows us to use the entire space to create the atmosphere you desire by configuring the fixtures and using all new materials, colors, patterns, and textures. We do it all.

Bathroom Expansion
Often, the bathroom that was adequate for the generation who lived when the home was built just isn’t sufficient for current homeowners. Modern comforts and features are needed for today’s families.

The hurdle to clear; however, is that modern amenities may fit into your budget, but the amenities may not actually fit into the current space. This is when Mr. Remodeler steps in.

We show homeowners how to expand their bathroom, remove walls, and balance the needs of two rooms to better meet the needs of the family using them.

Limited Change Out
An additional option to a full change out for a bathroom is to limit the scope of the project and have more budgetary freedom for fixtures, flooring, and wall materials.

If there’s no need to completely reconfigure the bathroom, then there is no need to use available funds for rough-in work, replacement of sheetrock, millwork, and such.

Bathroom Face Lift
Often, you can get the feeling of having a new bathroom without spending nearly what it would cost for an actual new bathroom. If your budget is limited, and you would still like to do something with an old bathroom, consider updating your bathroom with new fixtures, tub walls, and paint.

Basement Bathroom
Basements are often used for workshops, gyms, hobby areas, or play areas, so the convenience of having a bathroom nearby is obvious. These facilities are often described as only needing to be utilitarian. They provide a function, but not really much beyond that.

Special Considerations For Basement Bathrooms
How close is the furnace? How far is the electrical service? Is everything in the right location? How close are waterlines and waste lines? Were the waste lines for the tub and toilet roughed in when the house was built?

If a vent fan is desired, is the bathroom on an interior or exterior wall? If not, how far is the nearest onside wall? Consider that the vent will need to run between two floors joists.

Do you want the floor raised to accommodate new waste lines, or would you prefer to have the concrete floor busted out and re-poured? Distance from the main stack is the biggest determiner of which is more economical. Depending on ceiling height this could be determined by construction code.

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