Make Your Home More Secure with JambBrace

As little as $300 per door defends your family and home against break-ins.

How does this stack up against what is lost during a break-in? The first thing lost is safety and security. Feelings of vulnerability and violation can last for a long time after the incident. Then there are the belongings you’ve worked so hard for.

With the average response time for an alarm coming in around 3 minutes, a thief can easily get away with literally thousands of dollars’ worth of electronics, jewelry, and household items.

This doesn’t include the destruction of the front door while gaining access to your home. Replacing a front door can cost $1,500 on the low end and $2,500 or more for a nice wooden door.

What is JambBrace and how does it keep your family and home safe?

JambBrace is a heavy-duty aluminum insert that strengthens the weakest part of a door: its frame. Completely concealed within the door trim, the Jamb Brace is unseen. Below is a video to further explain the product.

Do you need a JambBrace if you have an alarm system?

In a word, yes.

Alarm systems deter a few burglars, but their primary function is to alert the police department of a break-in. Unfortunately, home alarms result in thousands of false alarms each year costing home owners and law enforcement agencies thousands of dollars.

Research from leading crime experts shows that less than 1 in 20,000 home alarm triggerings result in an actual arrest. Alarm systems can provide homeowners with a peace of mind but it’s better to keep them from breaking-in, in the first place.


What is installed?

Each door gets the full JambBrace system. This includes installation on the lock-side and the hinge-side as well as reinforced strike plates and L-shaped escutcheon plates. This prevents thieves from “mule-kicking” the door in on the hinge side, a practice being seen more and more.

Entering from the hinge side of the door keeps the alarm contacts unbroken for a few seconds longer and every second they can gain is more they can take.

What does it cost?

An average house can have up to 3 doors to replace. For example, the front door would be $500, the back door $300 and the side door into the garage is $250. Contact us now and get up to $150 off installation of 3 doors.

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