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Bathroom Overhaul

Panorama - beforeThe above panoramic shot shows the master bathroom before the remodel. There are several familiar features:

  1. Corner Jacuzzi tub – rarely used, takes forever to fill, difficult to enter and even more awkward to exit.
  2. Shower – difficult to enter and exit for anyone struggling with balance or with limited movement.
  3. Limited closet space – Small linen closet and (behind the photographer) one small walk-in closet for two people.

These were the three main issues we were trying to solve, along with generally updating the look of the master bathroom.


Initially, the homeowner’s wanted to reconfigure the bathroom to fit a soaker tub, a shower, and a double vanity long enough to comfortably accommodate both of them. Where the shower was located there were several options they were considering:

  • A 6’ cabinet built into the wall – which would be made up of a 4’ drawer stack with a small storage cabinet above. Next to the cabinetry would be a small closet.


  • Use the entire shower area for a closet – no cabinetry.


  • Combine the area of the shower and the linen closet into a single larger closet.


Then, one evening I get a call, “I don’t know why I’m working so hard to try to fit a tub into that bathroom, we never use it!” This is when we suggested putting a walk-in shower with a small ramp in the location of the Jacuzzi tub. They decided the cabinetry wasn’t needed next to the new closet so the entire shower area was converted to a closet.



The Final Project



image015 image016









The former shower



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