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Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repair & Basement Finish

Mr. Remodeler is the one to call take care of any and all of your basement needs. Basements are often one of the most under-utilized rooms in the home. There are many reasons for this, ranging from water problems to storage space.

These are not reasons to rule out looking toward your basement when searching for a place to gain extra living space. Water problems can be solved and even the most overflowing storage area can be more efficiently organized to bring out its potential for other uses.

Put up the shop vac!

Since 1969 Mr. Remodeler’s goal has always been to help homeowners solve problems. This has often meant solving problems including basement waterproofing and foundation repairs. We approach these jobs with the same commitment to customer satisfaction at a fair price.

Trained and Certified

Our experts are trained and certified by structural engineers in basement waterproofing and foundation repair. This means we are ready to permanently fix your basement issues.

Tailored Solutions

We don’t give you a cookie cutter solution. We give you tailored to meet your specific needs.


Basement Waterproofing

  • Crack injection
  • Sump pump installation
  • Water Control system installation

Leaning or buckling foundation walls

  • Deadman earth anchor systems
  • I-Beam installation

Outside drainage issues

  • French drains
  • Downspout extensions
  • Dirt work and grading


Bedroom, Bath, TV Room, and Storage

Basements often have a large amount of square footage, usually as much as a single floor of the house. With this much space available, almost anything can be done.

If your family is growing larger or simply growing up, basements can often provide the freedom teenagers require while still giving them the close proximity they need. An average basement will usually have enough space for a bedroom, bathroom with shower, and an entertainment area, while still leaving space for organized storage.

Larger basements could have enough space for two or even three bedrooms, an entertainment area, as well as an area for a wet bar, cabinets, and a refrigerator. Sizable basements will also have enough room for full bathrooms with a tub and shower unit, while still leaving enough room for a sizable storage area.


TV Room with Bathroom

In many cases what is needed isn’t a full functioning area. What might be needed is a place for entertaining or entertainment to commence. We can provide easy solutions even inside smaller basements. Our experienced and knowledgeable employees are very good at getting the most out of the space available.

Simply adding room for television, games, and a small bathroom can open up space to the rest of the house for more peaceful activities, like taking in a good book or magazine article.

Two Rooms, Four Walls

Basement 1

If simplicity is the order of the day, then we can meet that expectation as well. Homeowners often think that a job has to be huge and complex before a remodeler will take the time to look at it. That may be the case for some companies, but at Mr. Remodeler we don’t walk away from a challenge. Many times the growing pains experienced in a home can be solved with the simplest expansion methods.

This is accomplished by our people working with you to establish how much space is needed for storage and how much is needed for activities. Once that is done, we go to work running the necessary electrical and framing in walls. Wallboard is hung, taped, and finished on walls and ceilings, unless a drop ceiling is desired.

Walls and ceilings are painted, flooring is laid, and doors are installed as needed. To finish the job, base trim is installed along the floors, and finished electrical is done, such as the installation of plate covers, light fixtures, and such. Your basement now has storage space and space for a nearly infinite number of activities.

The Basics

Many years back, there was an artist called Mr. Remodeler with a challenging project. She had a basement that she wanted partitioned off into two rooms, similar to what was described in the paragraphs above. The challenge was she didn’t want to spend much money at all because she was going to use the space as her studio.

She did, however, want it to feel finished. Bare concrete walls just wouldn’t give the feeling she desired. Our solution met her needs regarding both budget and ambiance

The solution was to partition off one third of the basement for laundry and storage, and two thirds for the studio.

We ran minimal electrical because that was all she required, then painted everything white. This included the bare concrete wall, as well as the open joists, HVAC ductwork, and plumbing that made up the ceiling, which was all white. Then we laid a good vinyl flooring that would wear well over time, and trimmed the room out. She was very happy with the final project, and it was exactly what she needed.

Of course, this wouldn’t be for everyone, but it is a great example of how we, at Mr. Remodeler, truly want to help our customers get what they need out of the space and budget available. Whatever your idea, no matter how outrageous you may think it is, we’ll listen and try to make it a reality, if possible. Ask us for a basement finish quote today!

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